I can attribute my love of photography to a single image.  It was a long exposure shot taken on the runway of a military base in Afghanistan and to this day every time I look at that image, the earth shakes from the noise of aircraft engines; the smell of a desert winter sneaks through my New Jersey windows, and I feel the original excitement I had in my hands as I huddled in my 6×8 tent to examine each of the images.

That’s my photography. The capturing of moments that will put you in a time and place every time you look at them. They are moments that will rumble the ground you stand on years after those moments have past. Images that call to the surface a full spectrum of emotions and tell the complete story of a moment otherwise lost to time.

I’m Niño Gallego. I was born in the Philippines, fell in love with photography in Afghanistan, studied in Italy, and live to take pictures everywhere. I believe in exceptional love, passionate work, curiosity and the exploration of the world around me. I believe that photographs will tell our stories when all the words are gone and that it’s my job to make sure all those stories are told.

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